Non-stop research and the experience accrued with Power Switch and Energy Meter led to the creation of iManager, which was entirely designed and developed by NDS.
iM 12-150
iM 12-150 W


• Automatic or manual management of one or two service batteries, even of different technology and amperage
• Specific engine battery output, when service battery charge is 100% (e.g.: storage)
• Displays the level of charge of accumulators
• Displays charge and discharge tension and Ampere
• Automatic or manual battery switch-off (below 11V), through the touch screen
• Displays infomration and recommendations on the batteries management and maintenance
• Date and time
• Temperature monitoring during charge/discharge, for an improved security
• BlackBox/Display connection available through cable (cod. iM 12-150) and wireless (cod. iM 12-150W)

iManager iManager constantly monitors the tension of its two batteries keeping into account the charge and discharge currents, decides and automatically selects the battery to be used, and aims at keeping the same level of charge to improve their performances.

iManagertouch screen displays any available information on both the accumulators charge level and the possible uses, and it allows you to manually activate or deactivate batteries by one touch, for a more customised management.

iManager also has a specific engine battery output; when the system detects a charging source (grid charger or solar panel) on service batteries and the charge of these latter is 100%, it sends to the engine battery a max. 4 A current so to keep it charged, avoiding unpleasant surprises after long stops. Using the touch screen you can interact with the system, and view information such as the accumulators level of charge. iManager Among its multiple features, one of the most noteworthy is the automatic battery switch-off, which is activated under three different circumstances:

• When the voltage of one or both batteries is below the critical limit of 10,5V
• When the voltage of one or both batteries stays below 11V for more than 15 minutes
• when the temperature measured on one or both batteries is above the limit of 70°

In this way decreased efficiency and fatal damages are avoided.